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Song Review: "Come Together" -Echosmith-

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog. This time i want to review a song by American indie pop band, Echosmith titled "Come Together". So here it is..

Come Together

By: Echosmith 

  • Lyrics: 
Here we are with our backs against the wall
We've got big city dreams
But we don't move from the asphalt
We run away from our own imagination
But at the same time we got this amazing fascination

We've got hopes on the horizon
We can't stop from climbing the mountain
We're sick and tired of keeping silent
We are, we are, we are,

We are gonna come together
We're gonna come together, now
We are gonna run together
We're gonna turn it upside down

'Cause with the smoke in the mirror
I can't see your face
So let's run to the fire escape
Come together
We're gonna come together, now

Who are they, with their so-called innovations
They hold on like they've found their own salvation
They shy away from the slightest alteration
But at the same time we got the same fascinations

We've got hopes on the horizon
We can't stop from climbing the mountain
We're sick and tired of keeping silent
We are, we are, we are,

We are gonna come together
We're gonna come together, now
We are gonna run together
We're gonna turn it upside down

'Cause with the smoke in the mirror
I can't see your face
So let's run to the fire escape
Come together
We're gonna come together, now

Just let go, it's a free fall
We're almost home, it's a free fall

We are gonna come together
We're gonna come together, now
We are gonna run together
We're gonna turn it upside down

We are gonna come together
We're gonna come together, now
We are gonna run together
We're gonna turn it upside down

'Cause with the smoke in the mirror
I can't see your face
So let's run to the fire escape
Come together
We're gonna come together, now

  • Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
  • Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind 
  • Meaning: The bassist of the band, Noah Sierota explained the song's meaning to The Sun: "It is about uniting for a common goal. For us, the four of us believe in music and the power of music. We have a similar message we want to bring on board. We share that message and our family being united, are coming together for the song and fighting for a cause and something we believe in."
  • I think this song has a strong message, it tells a young generation who have a big dreams. The youngsters have a powerful spirit, tough, and brave heart to catch their dreams to make it comes true. From the lyrics we know that we have to come together to conquer the obstacle, because if we come together all things become easier.
  •  Music video:

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Ideal Education for A Better World

Education is the first step for human to learn. Everything of human’s known-abbility come from this aspect. Yes it’s true when peoples says that education is the window of the world, moreover more than the world but space and beyond. Education is the most important aspect of life, so it has to be taken carefully and in ideal proportion.

These days the world become closer and more open to explore. Every kind of thing, information, and culture come from every corner as rapid as a bullet and continously over and over again. Unfortunately, there’s no such a filter to restrict the information come, because not the all of culture of local culture is the same with global culture. All content can enter easily without being rejected and filtered. This situation can damage people of the next generation, they can forgetting the norms that this country has. Our local culture is containing some norms that have to be respected. So the content of all information can be filtered if norms enforced to be the content filter. 

This globalization situation can be used as the opportunity to learn more and more. But this situation also can be harmful, so the ideal education is needed to handle the situation. Ideal education is the way of education that has an ideal manner in teach and education. How to bulid ideand al education is the homework of this country, because it’s not easy to build and applying it in real life situation, but can start it as fast as posible. The ideal education can be startehnbvbvbvbvbbd by by school, by the teacher and student in the class, they can start it with apprehending and observing globalization and it’s impact to the local people. Not just teacher and student, but all people can do it too. The next step is applying the norms in real life, by applyig we can be formed into the ideal type of people that have a good manner and responsibility. 

By doing and applying ideal education, the better world can be materialized and a good comunity can be formed as the time goes bye. So, the ideal type of education has many effect  for human life, the world, and the next generation sustainability.  Information, technology, communication, learning platforms, even payment platforms is the real  evidence now of the impact from ideal education. 

Serch, find, explore, then learn and apply it. Step by step as the time goes bye and the sun comes out till goes down. If we don’t start it by ourself, who cares with all those impacts for the world of education.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

My Last Holiday Experience

My last holiday was running in 3-4 weeks ago. Last holiday my family and I went to Jakarta. We went to Jakarta by a car. We planned to go to our house there then go to Ancol in the next day. The road was so crowded that time, but the crowded line was on the line from Jakarta to Bandung, we were not jammed in the traffic.
The trip to Jakarta was spend just about 2 hours. When my family and I arrived there, we cleaned our house and bought a food on the side of the street near our house. We bought “pecel lele” it was delicious. After cleaned the house and ate the dinner we rest till sleep. On the next day we went to the mall near our house called Pejaten Village, I’m so happy to have a mall near my house. We went to shop there. In the afternoon we back home then went to Ancol. We decided to stay at Mercure Hotel, the oldest hotel in Ancol, after about an hour we arrived there. On the afternoon till the sun goes down we decided to go to the Carnival Beach and rent a boat to going around the beach, honestly the scenery was not so good, but my family and I were still happy.
On the next day my family and I planned to go to Dufan, but suddenly we cancelled our plan after saw a bunch of people was queque up to buy the ticket which so expensive on the holiday. So we decided to go to the mall at the center of Jakarta. We didn’t buy and shop anything there hahaha, we just walked around the mall because the building is huge that was make us so confused. In the afternoon we decided to lunch at the restaurant, the meal was so tasty and made me want to order again. After lunch we decided to back to Bandung. We arrived in Bandung at 5.30 pm. At the night, my mother, my sister, and I accompany my father to the train station to back to work in Semarang.  
Three days later my father bought us the train tickets for my mother, my sister, and I to went to Semarang. So we went to Semarang by train in the three next day. My father took us at the train station to the house. In Semarang my mother, sister, and I just stayed at home while my father working on his office day by day until the new year holiday come. We went to some restaurant for dinner several days, the food in Semarang was very good and tasty. The city is not too big, but not so crowded like Bandung City, so we enjoyed our holiday there.On the next day we went to Ambarawa’s Railway Museum, Palagan Ambarawa Monument, and Cimory Milk Factory. On the next three days we went back to Bandung by.
I was very happy and refreshed on the last holiday, hope the next holiday going more fun and fun. Thanks.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Script: Majid's Saturday Night "Regina's Spicy Family"

scene 1
regina: "wait...wait, add this to make it tastes better."
(pouring some chillis)
regina: "give it a try, this is jalapeno."
regina: "the spiciest chili in South America."

scene 2
majid: "i just knew that Regina, my new girl, loves eating chillies."
majid: "i can handle spicy food. if i swallow it directly. the thing is Regina has an Olympic grade taste buds when we eat together, she will add chillies at all kinds of food. ALL KINDS."

scene 3
majid: "taste good, right?"
regina: "it will taste even better if you add chillies."
majid: "but it's ice..cream.."
(pour sauce on ice cream)

scene 4
majid: "Even though Regina like spicy and i dont. But all those differences make things beautiful between us, i think..."

scene 5
Majid: "Bro, which one is the good side and which one is the bad side?"
Tiara: "Dude! this is a football match."
Majid: "Where were you, sela?"
Sela: "I was with Maemunah, Mas. We will sell a thing that will sell a lot like fried peanuts."
Tiara&Majid: "What's that?"
Sela: "Fried peanuts. This is different from regular fried peanuts. it's spicy and has levels."
Majid: "i dont like spicy."
(text message ringtone)
Majid: "Aduh, this Saturday night I am invited to have dinner in Regina's house with her father."
Tiara: "Bro, are you complaining or showing it off?"
Majid: "You've got to know that Regina's father enjoys spicy food more than her daughter. They are family of chili!"
Tiara: "Family of chili?"
(dancing with chili costume)
Majid: "When her father finds out that i hate spicy food, it means that i can't see Regina ever again."
Tiara: "How much do you like Regina?"
Majid: "i like her so much."
Tiara: "Okay, you have three days and i'll train you so you can eat spicy food in front of her."
Majid: "Do you know how to train people?"

Scene 6
Tiara: "My long time dream since i was a boy is to be a fashion designer, her stylist, flight attendant, and the last one to become a coach."
Tiara: "Coaching is an easy job for me, lesson one: you have to start the training as early as possible

Scene 7
Sela: "Do you have Brazilian tomatoes?"
Dewi: "Yes"
Dewi: "Where is the owner of the house? Are they still sleeping?"
(Majid's screaming)
Sela: "That's his voice. He just woke up."
(training is started)
Majid: "Bro, one second. I think you should turn off the music."
Tiara: "You're right."

Namira: "Hi dear, I heard Majid is having a crush on a girl who likes spicy very much. Is that true?"
Sela: "yeah, it is. but unfortunately majid cant stand any spicy food"
Namira: "Well, please give him this mouthwash."
Sela: "what? mouthwash you said?"

Scene 8
Majid: "It's Friday and i think that i have some progress. Now i can eat The bird's eye chili. The stem actually."
(eating peanuts)
Majid: "What the heck is this? it's spicy and then salty but sour too. What is this?"
Sela: "it is supposed to be salty, sour, spicy, ..but not sweet."
Majid: "Why is there no sweet flavour?"
Sela: "Because the only sweet thing is you."
Sela: "This will be sold to those who are still in the process of approaching the girl."
Majid: "Do you wanna try some?"
Tiara: "Nah i dont like spicy either."
Majid: "Why did you train me then if you hate spicy too?"
Sela: "Neither do i"
Tiara: "You sell those peanuts but you hate spicy things? How do you taste the peanuts?
Sela: "I use Dewi's mouthwash."
Tiara: "You said mouthwash?"
Sela: "Yes, by using the mouthwash, you'll be able to handle any kind of spicy food. No matter what."
Majid: "Really?"

Scene 9 
Naafi: " are close to my daughter?"
Majid: "Yes, I am sir."
Naafi: "Do you like spicy food?"
Majid: "Yes i am trying, sir."
Naafi: "Try it!"
Naafi: "Be careful, i made the chili myself and it is famously known for its spiciness."
(continue eating)

Scene 10
Tiara: "I hope Majid can control himself."
Sela: "Control himself?"
Tiara: "Since he has used the mouthwash, he wants to show it off to regina. I'm afraid that he will continue eating chilies just to impress Regina's father."
Sela: "Don't say that, mas Majid is not that type of person."

Scene 11
(eating vigorously)
Majid: "I have finished eating the chili, sir."
Tiara: "Sela, what happened?"
Sela: "I ate too much spicy food this afternoon. I admit it was really helpful after using the mouthwash, your tongue went numb. However the stomach didnt go numb. Luckily, i just ate a little so it doesn't hurt that bad. I cant imagine if i 
ate it a lot."

Scene 12
Naafi: "Majid.. listen job has a lot of challenges."
(phone ringing)
Majid: "One moment sir. Hey what's up dude?"
Tiara: "Dont eat too much chilies. Sela has an awful stomachache. It will be bad for you if you had one there."
Majid: "Really? i dont feel.. (stomach growling) too late dude!"
Majid: "Regina, where's the restroom?"
Regina: "Just go straight and the door on your right"
Majid: "Excuse me sir"

Scene 13 
Tiara: "Hallo?"
(Majid is screaming)
Majid: "Bro, it is an emergency man!"
Tiara: "What's up? Diarrhea?"
Majid: "Here it's like a volcano is erupting, man! Dude help me! Get me to the ER! GET ME TO THE ER!"
Tiara: "Sela! Sela!"
Sela: "Yes?"
Tiara: "Majid's got a terrible diarrhea. You must be responsible! Take my car keys and bring your medicine."

Scene 14
Regina: "Why do you like so pale?"
Majid: "I'm fine."
Regina: "Are you okay?"
Majid: "I'm okay."
Regina: "Really?"
Naafi: "Why are you sweating a lot?"
Majid: "I'm okay sir."
Naafi: "Okay then, where were we? So i work in a pharmacy. I'm in... What's with the face? Why do you look angry?"
Majid: "I'm not angry sir."
Naafi: "So?"

Scene 15
(Sela's got hiccup)
Tiara: "Why are you hiccuping?"
Sela: "I don't know either."
Tiara: "Hold your breath."
(Sela's fainting)
Tiara: "Hey! Not too long!"
(Still hiccuping)
Naafi: "How long have you known Majid? I think Majid is still upset with me."
Regina: "Perhaps he once had some issues with pharmaceutical people."
Naafi: "Ooh, So that's the problem. Actually, i think i'm starting to like Majid. He seems nice."

Scene 16
Tiara: "Good evening, sir! 
Naafi: "Evening!"
Tiara: "can we see Majid, sir?"
Naafi: "Yes you can. Are you his friend?"
Tiara: "Yes sir and we have to pick him up."
(Sela is hiccuping again)
Sela: "Hello, Mr. Tedjo."
Tiara: "Sir, you know sela?"
Naafi: "Yes of course. Pharmacy where i work for is selling mouthwash to you and... Who's that girlfriend of yours?l
Sela: "Namira, sir."
Naafi: "Namira!"
Sela: "She is not my girlfriend sir. She still can't forget her ex."
Naafi: "Why are telling me this?"
Sela: "One thing sir, why after i used the mouthwash, i get hiccups?"
Naafi: "Oh! That's the side of effect to the mouthwash, so if you cant eat spicy food, don't depend on medication to help you. You can't call yourself a man if you can't eat spicy food."
Majid: Sir, i think i have to go home."
Naafi: "Oh Okay, please visit us so we can eat together again some othertime."
(Majid starts hiccuping) (Sela starts hiccuping again).
Majid: "Why are we...."
(Naafi starts hiccuping)

•••THE END•••

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What’s up? What’s going on? Now I want to tell youa place called Cikole. Cikole is located in Lembang, Bandung. More precisely near the Tangkuban Perahu Mount. It has great view and nice coolfresh air. You can get there by a car, motorbike, or bike.
My bike and the view at Cikole
 So many activities that you can do here. Such as camping, hiking, off-road, cycling, outbond, or just picnic withyour friends or family. When you get here, Cikole deserve yo
u a great astonishing view of road with the woods alongside it. The fresh air can make you feel so calm and peaceful.
Cikole has many nice and organize campsite. The campsite usually has outbond park to, so while you camp here you can do outbond activities too. Not just campsite, the crosscountry-trail cyclingtrack here is very challenging, people usually call it Jurasic Track because of the tree that make a tunnel-like path in some part of the track, so you have to be careful of your head. It has muddy and slick road, but the track is not too steep, just a few bump and obstacle on the track.  One year ago I finished the track with my dad and my dad’s friend. It just awesome and so challenging to get pass through it.
My dad is on the track!

Me at the starting of the track.
Not just crosscountry-trail track, but downhill track also found here in Cikole. To pass the track you need to use special downhill-spec bike, and downhill safety equipment, because the track is very steep, slippery, and much more bump and jump obstacle.
Finish line.
In Cikole also has off-road track that people usually use trail motorbike to get finish it. With the view on the track that look so beautiful it just an awesome track. The hiking track also found here with many tracks that you can pass. The track is located in the middle of the woods and usually the finishline is located near thecamp site.
Cikole is just one of many greatful attraction in Bandung. Bandung has much more impressing place to visit. And if you want to feelalive at the woods and nature, in my opinion Cikole is the best place to visit.
So, I think that’s all from me, thank you for reading, see you on the next post.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My School Life (Expectation and Reality)

What’s up guys? Now I want to share about my school life after go through for 1 exact  month here, in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, is it beyond my expectation or not? Because as the time going on I found more and more uniqueness of phenomenon and from the people here, in my school.
The view from my class' corridor
In my expectation to live here, in my new school is very hard. So much things to do, so much task to work, and just a bit side to exploit. Also the people here in my expectation is a stereotype of a bookworm and what they just do is from study to learn and from learn to study. I just arrange my expectation randomly, from people’s talk that I’ve heard, the way I looking at the student here before I entered this school, and from my mother’s words and experience from another school student in past periode.Even my mother told me to study harder here because the surrounding culture here is different from my past school. But in my opinion it just a challenges to face and to conquer.
Unique phenomenon
In reality, factually, obviously, the life here is so fun, I’m so excited for being here until being a bit “mad” and go like a crazy man instead of a cool kids. Yes, my expectation is right, so much things to do and so much task to work here, but as the time passed away I can conquer that. The part that just beyond my expectation is the people here, they are so uniqe, every single person that I met have their own uniqueness, from their way to walk, to talk, is so uniqe and funny in my eyes also they have different  personality in every single person. From very funny guy until very mad guy, I could found here. From unserious guy until serious guy, I could found here, but they still caring about their lesson and task and it’s beyond my expectation.  The social life in here is interesting, so  much event to attend that can tighten up our kinship. The teacher also very uniqe in my head. From funny to serious teacher I could found here, but basically they are the great teacher, they have so much experience and their abilities are beyond the average abilities.The time that I spend here will not be wasted, because even  I can learn from the most little thing here. So much things to do and so much task to work here, yes, so much, once again so much. I have to organize my schedule as effective as possible. I  have to face it with cleanand cool mind, but obviously I just go mad with it, but I know how to face and conquer it.
The people and their own unique way to walk
So there is my expectation and the reality of my school life in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung after go through for 1 month, still so much to pass, face, and conquer in here. It still 35 months to go, so still so much time to spend here.